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    From Renagademaster@GAMENET to All on Tuesday, April 02, 2019 08:01:06
    Hello Card Gamers,

    Hope this is the correct group for TCG and Pokemon specifics. I tried in
    Usenet groups but didn't get replies, I think those groups are dead and
    people have moved on (to where?).

    My children, below 10, are showing a keen interest in Pokemon (anime and console games), recently they noticed the TCG element and expressed an interest.

    In order to set them on the correct path I have tried to educate myself on
    the game; the Generations, Themes, Tins, Trainer Boxes, etc. I understand
    some of this. If I am correct, you can buy cards from any generation to play any other gen, but the later gens could contain more powerful Pokemon. This
    can be evened out with Booster packs.

    So I am ready to purchase Theme or Trainer boxes, but am struggling to find
    the ones they are keen on, Dark Hammer and Enchanted Echo. So finally my questions:

    1) Where do you buy cards from (preferably on-line due to my location)?
    2) Is it normal for cards to be hard to purchase, should I purchase
    whatever packs I see?

    Alright, thanks for reading this far, hope to chat with you all soon,

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